Rallye Südliche Weinstraße (Demo) (Demo)

After the historics kicked off the 2015 season with the classic Legend Boucles, the regional rallye scene will start their year at the infamous SÜW.

This legendary rallye with its well known stages is famous for it’s action-packed and challenging, yet tight pack of special stages. Every year competitors from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France shake down their vehicles on stages of the legendary „Rallye Vorderpfalz, that have already been used in the 70s and 80s in identical configuration.


The usual suspects
Last year’s champions Rainer Noller and Stefan Kopczyk will lead the field at #1. German Rallye Champion Georg Berlandy, co-piloted by Ulricke Schmitt will make their entrance in their historic Opel Ascona A.
Retro-Rallye Series
Another fan-favourite is are the historic cars of the Retro-Rallye Series. While not necessarily driven to the limit, as the competitors have to stick to an average speed of 50kp/h from start to finish, the cars are the stars here. With rarities like an Auto Union 1000s, BMW 2002, Opel Kadett GT/E and Alfas, Volvos and Escorts fans of beautiful and legendary vehicles will certainly be pleased.
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