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The season opener of the 2018 Belgian Rally Championship once again proves why it is widely regarded as one of the most competitive and most exciting championships in the world. The legendary „Rally van Haspengouw“ does not lack any highlights. (mehr …)

In October the Republic of San Marino turns into heaven for petrolheads. When the hills of Monte Titano vibrate in the noises of group B Legends thousands of fans can’t resist the urge to head to La Serenissima for their ultimate dose of rallying history.

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After the surprising news about Kris Princen’s retirement for this season the winner of the Belgian Rally Championship will most probably be decided at this year’s East Belgian Rally.

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The drama actually started months before the beginning of Rallye Germany when organizers decided to move the service park back to the Bostalsee after 11 years. (mehr …)

Flames, flames and even more flames. Here’s our video of the final rally of the 2016 calendar.

The traditional final event of the belgian rally championship is always the season highlight. Attracting an international audience the belgian elite battles international superstars on legendary roads that are as challenging as they are infamous. (mehr …)

Es war sein erster Auftritt in “Fafe“ und gleich der erste Sieg bei der schon legendären Sprint-Veranstaltung im Norden Portugals. (mehr …)